2:30 AM and nothing to do

That’s not true…I could be sleeping. But I find myself overwhelmed by a feeling of homesickness. I’m homesick for Ohio, Spokane, and Chicago all at once. Being in Colorado kind of sucks, because I know all of two people here. I actually now know four, but two of them probably will make no effort to contact me while here because they actually have friends. I’m lonely, jobless, and…tired. AND I’m listening to Miley Cyrus set on repeat. Really, does it get anymore pathetic than this? I started Vanity Fair a bit, but haven’t gotten far. It might help if I read about a social climber’s mishaps and compared her pathetic life to my own. Except Becky Sharp is fictional. I need a job, because then I’ll have something to do. And I need a really good friend here.

My dad leaves in a few days and that scares me. He’s going to be gone…how will our family function? MJ and Grace only really listen to him. And Brianna’s already put herself in head dictator position. I can hardly stand it when Dad does it, let alone my older sister. I’ve already shot her down twice…hope it doesn’t get ugly.

Well, imaginary readers, I hope that I haven’t depressed you too much. Hopefully my next update will be an excerpt from the Nomorims. Because I haven’t worked on that in a while and it’s good to have a project to work on. Until next time, at a ridiculously early hour when no one else is awake.


One thought on “2:30 AM and nothing to do

  1. Dad says:

    Sweet Daughter, All is not how you perceive it. Do not give into despair! What you need is LIFE! How is it better elsewhere? You have friends? Why? Because you share your life with them. Start looking at Mom, Dad, & Brianna as friends instead of tyrannical beings who want to control you. Invest in their lives & you will reap rewards in your own. And, while stuck in beautiful Colorado, go and find new friends through mutual experiences. Key to this is some sense of financial means, and so find some work and pour your creativity into it. Stop brooding, take charge of yourself and give, love, and live! This is after all part of your great adventure.

    We love you,

    A Friend


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