…is supposedly a time for relaxation. A chance to breath in-between full semesters and brains full of academic learning. NOT SO! I am fervently searching for a job and getting ready to edit my script and writing my book and making stuff for next year. There is no leisure time! But fear not, gentle reader (whoever you may be), I will continue to blog about my readings, writings, and other bits of drivel should the mood strike me. Tomorrow I have a job interview, which HOPEFULLY I will get and then I will have a job. *fingers crossed* Despite the business of the time and the season and the fact that I really don’t have much leisure time (or rather won’t once I get a job), I have compiled a book list of books that I have been meaning to read, now really want to read, or that I never actually finished reading (like Wuthering Heights, I skipped around and then read the end…lol). So here it is, the monster book list for the summer which seems to continually grow:

2010 Summer reading list

It’s only 18 books long, but the majority of those are classics, which makes it a little bit more difficult. I hope to get through all of these by the end of the summer, on top of  finishing my book and revising my script. WOOT! Go impossible goals for the summer!!! 😉 And now, on to a Sky Sox game!


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