The Golden Rose Part I

I was describing this and decided to post it…WARNING: It isn’t finished. I might finish it one day, but as it is now, it is incomplete. No complaining that it isn’t done…lol. Here it is my Rumplestiltskin story.

He paced the room in the disquiet around him. The waiting overwhelmed him. Finally, a cry pierced the silence. He dropped into the chair, relief making his shoulders sag, but only briefly. Then, at the thought of his newborn child, he jumped up and ran into his room, where his wife lay behind the bed curtains.

When the nurse saw him, she smiled and walked to the doctor, conferring briefly. She returned to him holding a screaming bundle. The smile was now nonexistent.

“It’s a girl.” She said solemnly.

“A girl!” he took his child from her smiling. Seeing the expression on her face, his smile slid and he whispered, “What’s wrong?”

“There have been some…complications. It would be best if you took her elsewhere.” The nurse quickly returned to the doctor and his wife, Anna.

Quietly he walked in the decorated nursery. His wife had spent months fixing this room to perfection. There was a gold crib placed in the center of the strange circular room. He had created it himself. That was his gift—he could spin anything into gold, provided of course that it fit into the spindle. He had finished fashioning the crib only a week before this joyous day.

“She couldn’t wait.” He murmured, sitting down in a rocking chair. He looked at the small creature in his arms. She had quieted and was now sleeping. He kissed her little forehead and began to gently rock.

“She loved roses.” He said again examining the room covered in rose wallpaper. “So that’s what we’ll call you, Rose.” He sighed. “You know, I wanted a boy, but you’re perfect.” He gently rock in the chair, murmuring to Rose, waiting for news of his Anna.


The cemetery was full. He stood at the front, cradling Rose, and watched them lower the cold, dead body of his wife into the unfeeling earth. He turned and walked out of the cemetery, trailed by the wet nurse, Lily. As they entered the manor, Lily looked at him timidly.

“My lord, I can take her if you wish.”

“No, she’s the only part of Anna I have left.” And he walked up the stairs.


Five Years Later…

“Daddy!” a little girl stumbled down the stairs.

“Rosie!” he scooped her up in his arms and hugged her tight. She looked up at him.

“Did you have a good trip?” she asked in her precocious manner.

“Yes, it was very good.” He replied smiling at her. “Were you good while I was gone?”

“Yes.” Her eyes lit up. “We made cookies!” she squealed. “You have to have some!” she wriggled and he let her down so she could run to the kitchen. Lily walked down the stairs.

“All was well?” he asked.

“She was fine.” Lily said softly. “But Mayor Parley stopped by again.”

He sighed. “What did he want?”

“He knew you were gone but wanted to talk to Rose. I told him to return when you did.”

“Then he likely knows I’m here.”

She looked down. “Will he never stop?”

“No, he’s a greedy man, Lily. Greedy men also tend to be desperate men.”

Rose ran in. “I put some cookies on the table for you! Come on!” she caught his hand and pulled him into the kitchen.


Rose was asleep. The black of night surrounded him as he sat in his old chair by the glowing embers. He pondered on his town, the town to which he had brought business and wealth. The people who were once content with their share. Ever since Mayor Parley had arrived at his position the people had come to hate him, envy clouding the eyes of reason. Where once they had respected him, they now perceived that he was someone to despise. For what? Wealth he could never give them.

The house suddenly shook as someone pounded on the door.

“Rumple! Open up!” the voice was a deep bass and it shook the door. “We know you’re in there!”

“You can’t hide your secret forever!” this voice was high and squeaky.

He rose and opened the door. The entire town stood at his doorstep. “I can do what I want with my ability. I have bettered all your lives. What more do you wish from me?” His voice was filled with anguish.

“Tell us your secret!” There were two men in the front: a large man, rather like a giant, and a tiny one, who had spoke. “We know that you can give us the means to spin gold.”

“It is a gift, not a power merely anyone can hold.” He said patiently, as though speaking to his five-year-old daughter. “I have said this before.”

“I told you!” he spoke to the crowd, his shrill voice carrying. “We must take drastic measures!” he nodded to the big man, who stepped up to the door and pushed ‘Rumple’ aside.

“What do you mean?” he asked and then realized the giant’s goal. He ran up and clawed at him screaming, “NO!” he was thrown off quite easily and then a man came behind him to hold his arms.

“Steady Stan.” Came a strong voice behind him.

“This is what our friendship comes to John?” Stan replied, “You holding me like a dog?” he struggled fruitlessly. There was a scream from above and the big man came down cradling a wriggling girl.

“Daddy!” she shrieked, tears streaming down her face.

“I’m here, precious.” He said. She slowly calmed down, but remained stiff, reaching for her father.


He looked at Parley and whispered, “May I say goodbye?”

Parley examined him and nodded. “No funny business.”

He was released as was Rose and she ran and hugged him ferociously. “What’s going on?” she asked him, sobbing.

“Daddy has to go away for a while, but I need you to be brave.”

“I’m scared.” She whispered.

“I am too.” He replied. He pulled a necklace from his pocket and held it out to her. “It was your mother’s. Keep it always.” It was simple; a rose pendant on a gold chain, but it glowed. “If you keep it on, I will always come and find you.”

“That’s enough!” Parley’s voice grated his ears. The unrest had grown outside. “Take him to the pit.” Then he was being dragged away. Away from his life, the only reason for living. Her cries filled his ears.



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