The Revised Nomorims part 5! WHOO!!!

I am so super excited about this part!! I rewrote the entire history of the Nomorims and the country. 😀 If you read this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me feedback. I slaved over this so I want to know if there is anything that doesn’t make sense or sounds weird. Or if it’s fabulous tell me that too. 😉

Later that evening, all assembled in the foyer of the great house. Amikol looked over as the two girls descended the stairs.
“Follow me.” He walked down a dark corridor that had not been there a moment previous. The two girls were taken aback, but one put it behind a mask of indifference and the other shrugged it off and followed him. The four entered the solarium together, parading on after the other. Korle looked around in genuine delight. It was a large circular room and the wall was covered in bookshelves, which were filled to the brink with books. In fact books were everywhere. They lined the shelves, they sat in stacks in front of the shelves, they lay on tables, covered the window seat, and basically took up so much floor space that one could not walk about the room freely. In order to get anywhere one must follow the clearly marked path. Kars looked around Korle to Ami, condescension in her disconcerting gaze.
“You live here I’m assuming?” the question was delivered with as much snobbery she could muster.
“The path leads to a place where we can sit.” Was the only response as he led them forward. As they moved forward, Korle felt an awe overcome her. There were more titles in the stacks that surrounded them then she had seen in her lifetime, not to mention what was on the shelves.
“It’s beautiful.” She murmured as she followed Ami through the room, occasionally reaching out and touching a book reverently. Finally the reach a small clearing with four very cushy chairs just waiting for them.
As they sat Amikol took in the appearance of both girls. Korle was still fascinated by the room, her eyes never stopped wandering. Her looks were much better than when they had found her. She was wearing one of her new, soft gowns. This one was a pale pink and had swished with every step. Karstrel was sitting with her back ramrod straight, pride etched all over her. As simple as Korle’s gown was, Karstrel’s was worse. It was the ugliest blue Ami had ever seen and made of a scratchy woolen material. Her face held a sneer of disgust as she examined the books around her.
This will be a long conversation. He thought.
“Well, are you going to talk or are we meant to sit here and breath in dust.” Her nasty tone stung, but he merely smiled.
“Have either of you heard of the Nomorims?”
“Legend.” Kars said as Korle replied, “No.”
“You both have one.” Peebles said softly.
Korle unconsciously grabbed her locket. Karstrel’s haughty look was replaced by one of slight curiosity.
“They don’t exist.” It was more of a question than a statement.
“Do you have your barrette?” Amikol asked.
She nodded and reached into a small pocket in her dress and pulled out her silver barrette. The blue stone winked at her as she reluctantly held it out to Amikol.
“No, no, keep it.” He said. “Examine your stone and look at Korle’s locket. You’ll se, that though they are two different colors, they are made from the same type of stone.”
The girls examined the other’s stone carefully, and saw that what he said was true. Peebles drew the red disc from beneath his shirt and showed it to them.
“Mine as well.”
Korle turned to Ami. “What about you? Do you have one?”
He nodded. “I keep it safe.”
“So…these are the so-called Nomorims?” Karstrel inquired, looking quizzically at the gem.
Ami nodded slightly, allowing her to be correct.
“And we’re their bearers?” Korle followed up.
“Yes, they do have, to a certain extent, minds of their own. We use them, but only with the assistance of the stones themselves. No one can teach you how to use your stone really.”
“From where do they come?” Kars looked genuinely interested in his answer. For some reason, that annoyed him more than her arrogant facade did.
“At the beginning of the world six stones were found. Each stone was infused with a magical quality; speed, sound, shape-changing, nature, mind powers, and invisibility. The leaders of the races found them.”
“Who were they?” Korle questioned.
“There were six races, back at the dawn of time, and so six leaders.” Peebles input.
Amikol nodded. “Gemenina was the leader of the elves, Ripley led the wizards, Percy governed the humans, and Laurel fought her way to the top of the gnomes. The griffins and dragons each elected a leader, but their names are lost. We know that they existed because of the records,” He motioned around him at the books, “however, no records remain of the names of any of those two races or what happened to them after the Nomorims were lost.”
“They were lost?” Korle looked confusedly at Ami.
“How do you think they came into our possession?” Kars asked archly.
“Two minutes ago you didn’t even believe they existed.” Peebles retorted, his usually soft voice biting. Karstrel looked at him in surprise.
“Moving on.” Ami interrupted. He looked at Korle. “They did indeed become lost, but not for centuries after they were found. Not all of the races got along on this world and that is how the countries came about. However, no one could agree on the borders and a war was started. The Leaders met to discuss peace and how to achieve such an enigmatical object. Gemenina and Laurel were walking by some caverns and found the stones. It was Gemenina’s idea to bring them in and each were miraculously infused with magic.”
“What do you mean ‘miraculously’?” Kars skeptically asked.
“No one is sure how it happened. None of the Leaders did it. Once it was done, Laurel and Percy both leapt at the chance to squash their more magically inclined brethren and tried to gain the stones for themselves. Gemenina and Ripley barely escaped with their lives. The only reason they did escape was because of the dragon. He got them out of there safely. The griffin joined Percy and Laurel in their quest to gain the stones for themselves and it turned into a full-scale war, no longer about property lines, but about power to rule. After much experimentation Gemenina found a way to combine all six stones together into one. Once the stones were one, they could be used at the same time. Up until then they had to be used individually. So Ripley mounted the dragon and went out to meet the enemy in battle, and, using the stone, won single-handedly.”
“Wow.” Breathed Korle.
“Gemenina and Ripley married and reigned over this realm peacefully for a century.”
“What happened?” Karstrel, too, was caught up in the story.
“They died. They had been granted long life, but that span had come to an end. They had had six children and so decided to split up the inheritance between them, which included the Nomorim. The children were greedy and split the stone between them, effectively ruining the peace their parents had achieved. It is around this time that record of the dragons and the griffins disappearance appears. I’ve always thought it was strange that they vanished at around the same time, for those races were mortal enemies.”
“So if Ripley and Gemenina’s children received the stones, how did they get lost?” Kars sat back in her chair, removing herself from the engrossment of the tale.
“Well each one received a stone: Olan, invisibility; Marcol, speed; Sanah, sound; Nimate, shape-changing; Cobi, mind powers; and Korol, nature. After they received their stones, no one knows what happened to them. Some legends say that a curse was put on their families; that any woman would die giving birth to offspring of the Six.
“Well, you have speed.” Karstrel said, nodding at Amikol. “And you have shape-changing.” She looked at Peebles. “I guess I have sound?” She looked to Ami for confirmation.
“I don’t know.” He looked vexed. “There’s no documentation of which color went which power.”
“Well, I am fairly certain that is the one that I have.” She responded.
“How would you know?” Ami asked, irritation written across his features.
“I used it.” She replied.
“What?” The two brothers asked simultaneously, looking at her intently.
“Not on purpose.” Karstrel rolled her eyes. “I had a piece of timber on my leg and I used it to make it disappear or move or something. I am not certain what happened to it.”
“Really…” Ami looked pensive.
“That’s all well and good,” Korle interjected, “but why did you bring us here?”
“When the Main Council overthrew the Monarchies, both East and West, they expressed a wish to find the stones. On the council are the two governors of the human dominion, and the governess of the gnomish lands.”
“So you found us so that you could take us to the council?” Fear crept into Korle’s voice. Karstrel felt the hairs on the back of her neck prickle as she thought of the Governess Laurel in her house, destroying the only home she had known.
“No.” Peebs inserted. “We found you to keep the stones away from them.”
“So which stone does she have?” The nasty tone had returned to Karstrel’s voice.
“Nature.” It was barely a whisper, but they all heard Peebles murmur it.
“I came to that conclusion myself, but,” she looked at him curiously, “how do you know?”
Peebs face turned a dull red.
“We’ve been watching you,” Ami rejoined, “both of you.”
“What?” Kars drew herself up regally.
“We had to make sure that you held the real Nomorims. If you didn’t have them, we didn’t want to waste our time. Our sources were fairly confident with both of you. Karstrel kept wearing hers in her clip and Korle kept using her power accidentally.
“What?” Korle looked slightly startled.
“Every family you worked for treated you in an abominable fashion and in response the plants would start doing weird things, or the weather would act strangely. It would harass, if you will, your employers until they let you go. The stone was following the commands of your subconscious.
“Why did that never happen to me?” Kars asked.
“Your stone works a little differently and you never fail to act on impulse . Korle tends to brood on things.” His voice became completely monotone when he addressed.
The two girls sat in contemplative silence for a while.
“Is that everything?” Korle asked.
“Basically…” Ami responded.
“Okay. Good to know.”
“There is one more thing.” Peebles interjected, looking pointedly at his brother.
Amikol sighed. “Yes,” he glanced at Peebles, “we are leaving, to do some scouting on one of the stones.”
“I want to come.” Karstrel exclaimed.
“No.” Her gaze grated on him. “My brother and I are doing this alone.” His tone indicated that this decision was a final one, so she sat back, deviously plots running through her mind.


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