Another Facebook note :)

So, tonight something cool happened and I wanted to share it with people! YAY! lol. I’m actually really tired right now and so this might come out unintelligible. If you haven’t read my other late night note you should read it cause everything I have to say starts with that night/note.

I’ve been having a really hard time lately accepting the fact that I will be rejected someday. I had a big rejection last year (a lot was my own fault) but I don’t like thinking about the fact that people will just not like who I am. Obviously there will be those people. Lately God’s been, “Nicole, why should you care what the other sinners around you think? The only opinion that matters is mine. Look to me, not to them.” And so far, I’ve been listening. I rely far too much on the acceptance of others. Through some circumstances, involving a boy, I saw what my sin was and that I had this problem and now I’m being put to the test.

For three days I’ve been struggling with the fact that God’s love isn’t enough for me and how people aren’t filling the hole that Jesus died to fill. Tonight I went out with my brother floor and my sisters on my floor and we did street evangelism. If you know me, you know that this is NOT my forte. I’m not the kind of person to walk up and be all “LOVE JESUS!” lol. Which isn’t what they do, or what happened, but what I have always thought of when I thought of this sort of thing. I was walking around with this really cool guy Brandon and he got to talk to a couple of guys who were incredibly high…and we started walking around again and he was all, “You should try now.” And I, being the absolute coward I am said, “Ummm…no.” And I felt a tug. God saying, “Do it.” But I backed down. After a little bit Brandon said, “I want to say something that isn’t a generalization, but is a general observation.” I told him to go ahead. “Moody girls are hesitant when it comes to sharing their faith. They’re okay with socializing and talking, but it just seems that you don’t want to share your beliefs with other people.” I was blown away and utterly convicted by the Holy Spirit. I immediately repented and as we rejoined the group started looking for chances to share with people, which was SO AWKWARD!

I prayed with others there later and was praying for opportunities and God decided to test my new resolution. There was a girl who was standing by the fountain and flipping her cell phone open and closed. God said, “go.” and I resisted. Then it was, “GOOOOO!!!!!!” And I walked over there, right as she walked away. Which is super embarrassing. After that I met a bunch of people who were already involved in Moody or were there to evangelize too. It was SO awkward. And then God gave me an opportunity. A girl sat down on a bench to smoke while listening to the awesome music our brothers were playing and I went over to introduce myself. Her name was (and still is) Christina, and she is from Romania. She’s visiting the States to experience a different culture. Her family is orthodox, but the family she was staying with here are Christians and took her to church. She told me that she was really confused about what she believed. We talked for a while about Jesus and culture and reading and I told her that she should read John in the Bible and then our time came to a close. Her mom came over to get her. I prayed for her and she hugged me and did an air kiss on my cheek and told me that I should visit Romania. I have no idea how God used me, or even really what happened, but I know that he took me, because I became willing. I’m SO EXCITED! And I wanted everyone else to be excited too and to pray for Christina. She goes back to Romania on Friday…so if you read this keep her in your prayers!

This year is gonna be an amazing year. I can already tell 🙂


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