Northanger Abbey movie

I was slightly disconcerted that so few people have looked into reading/watching/listening to Northanger Abbey. It’s my favorite and counted less than 7 posts on it, which made my heart sad 😦 This movie was EXCELLENT! I have seen it so many times it’s ridiculous. I love how all the characters are portrayed, particularly Isabella and I fell in love with Henry Tilney. His flirtatious, teasing manner was perfect and it made him lovable. The man who played him was not handsome, but when he smiled, one couldn’t help but being attracted to him. I watched this with a friend, who had never read the book, and she said that she loved him when the movie was over and was dying to read the book. I think that the movie had the perfect touch of Austen wit and that all the characters were perfect, down to Catherine’s little sisters…they were so cute, and such girls! When Mr. Tilney rides up two girls scream “Mr. Tilney!” all excitedly. It’s just what my little sisters would have done 🙂 I loved the whole movie and will undoubtedly watch it again and again.


3 thoughts on “Northanger Abbey movie

  1. Michelle Magill says:

    I love this movie and book too. I’ll be picking up Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey again soon for the challenge so hopefully we can encourage more people to try it. It’s not my favourite Austen but I still love it – it does have some of Austen’s least likeable characters in it and is a bit gothic – maybe that’s why its not as popular… beats me!


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