Mr. Darcy’s smiles…..

In my review here, I talk about how Mr. Darcy seems to smile too much in the book Mr. Darcy’s Diary. Another blogger read my comment and proceeded to COUNT the number of smiles in Pride and Prejudice. That blog entry is here. Anghraine is correct, I went back and checked myself. However, I would like to clarify that I never really saw Darcy as a brooding character, but a bit more secretive. He likes his life and thoughts to remain private. And in the beginning of P&P, he has no wish to be kind or friendly to Elizabeth. Her family, at least, is beneath his dignity and so, to me, it always seemed that he wouldn’t have smiled at her or encouraged her to think that he felt more than he did. In the diary, he explains that after one particular conversation he realized that Lizzie might take his friendly attitude the wrong way and reverts back to his cold demeanor toward her. That was more of what I meant. In the beginning of their relationship those comments seem out of place. Toward the middle and especially the end of the book, I can see him smiling at her all the time. 🙂 He wanted her affections then and wanted her to take his attitude as one of preference. I hope this all makes sense….lol.


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