Oh the heat! I feel faint!

Today I woke up uncommonly early (at 8:30 *gasp*) and decided that today was a dog park day. Except I couldn’t find Leo. So I braved the heat and walked around our neighborhood for AN HOUR trying to find our stupid dog. Only to find out that he had been at home the whole time. Silly me. Then I took him to the dog park and sat in the heat for 45 minutes and then came home. I believe I am now suffering from heat stroke. Sigh. Oh me, oh my. I feel dizzy. I feel a swoon coming. I need my smelling salts. Oh dear, I sound a bit like Mrs. Bennet. lol. Dad got home today and Bee is attempting to make taquitos again. I think I might take a nap. 🙂 Yay naps!!!!


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