Persuasion Starring the one, the only: *drum roll* Ciarin Hinds!!!!!

Having watched this movie about a hundred times now, I know that watching it again for the challenge is sort of cheating. But I love it too much NOT to watch it!!!! I did notice something that I had not noticed before.

When Anne goes to visit Mrs. Smith after leaving Frederick abruptly, Mrs. Smith says that they had only just learned of Mr. Elliot’s dastardly plan. THIS IS NOT CANON!!! Mrs. Smith’s husband had had dealings with Mr. E before he left this world and Mrs. Smith with nothing. That’s how she came upon her state of poverty. It was, indirectly, Mr. E’s fault (it has just occured to me, typing this, that at least two of Austen’s slimy men have last names beginning with ‘E.’ Elton, Elliot, etc). But that makes the movie incorrect. ALAS! A FLAW WITH THE MOVIE! It also occurred to me for the umpteenth time that the circus scene, to contrast Frederick and Anne walking away talking quietly together, was much too long.

All in all my opinion of the movie has not changed. I love it still. sigh. It is fantabulous.

You pierce my soul


6 thoughts on “Persuasion Starring the one, the only: *drum roll* Ciarin Hinds!!!!!

  1. Celia says:

    I love this film version of Persuasion as well. I just watched the 2007 and wasn’t nearly as impressed, though you can’t really mess up Persuasion. Do you like Hinds better than Penry-Jones as Wentworth?


    • karstrel says:

      I do prefer Hinds to Penry-Jones. I feel he captures the true confusion that Wentworth feels, although Penry does very well as the aloof Wentworth. The way they filmed Hinds, you can tell he’s truly interested in her throughout the whole movie. Penry seems to be somewhat apathetic until the adventure at Lyme.


  2. velvet says:

    i haven’t seen this version yet. interesting point about the non-canon scene. that might bug me when i watch it. although i do want to read it before watching for all the juicy insight and background details.


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